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Schwartz, M.A. serves clients in
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Whole Person Centered Care.
Private sessions, classes &
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Brain Body Integration
Certified Brain Gym® Instruction

Stress Release
Sensory & Energy Balancing
Learning Problems
Holistic Mind Body Techniques
Whole Person Centered Care

Brain • Body Education

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The Brain Gym Method, by Barbara Schwartz, a chapter in "Victory Over ADHD",  by Deborah Merlin
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Welcome to Equilibrium, and Whole Person Centered Care. Our team is dedicated to providing children, adults and seniors with the latest proven, non-invasive, and naturally drug-free solutions. Brain body imbalances and symptoms, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, Aspergers and other learning difficulties and imbalances are among the issues we support. Equilibrium's techniques allow immediate and measurable improvements, for people at home or school, at work or play. We have programs for individuals, families, seniors, groups and schools.
Inquiries are always on a private, confidential basis. Thank you for your interest.
Barbara Schwartz, M.A., Integrative Healing Techniques Specialist
Kids and Teens

When they just can’t learn easily like others, change needs to happen fast. The kids aren’t “bad.”

Equilibrium makes everything different, and parents see it right away.

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Open up life for a kid you love–now!

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Whole Person Centered Care for Kids & Teens
Adults and Seniors

Struggling to live with unwanted limitation isn’t your only choice.

Equilibrium balances your brain, body and metabolism easily.

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You can create real change... naturally.
Enjoy living up to your full potential.

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